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How Regular Oil Changes Can Benefit You


When you own a vehicle, you should always make the time for routine maintenance — especially regular oil changes. Your car will reap serious benefits when you get your oil changed at the recommended intervals.


Save at the Gas Pump

Oil Change - Toronto, ON

There’s no doubt that gas prices will continue to rise throughout Canada, which is why you should do everything you can to get the best fuel efficiency possible. Regular oil changes here at Downtown Lincoln can help increase your fuel efficiency:


  • Dirty oil uses more energy to get its work done.

  • More energy means you will use more gas.

  • Clean oil will help reduce oil friction, using less gas to help save you money at the pump.

Give Your Car A Longer Life

Rather than having to purchase a new vehicle every five years or so, help your vehicle last even longer with routine oil changes.
  • Oil is the lubricant your engine needs to work at its optimal level, helping your car function at its best.
  • As your engine runs, oil decreases, causing the amount of heat generated by your engine to increase.
  • An engine that gets too hot will not only overheat, but it will become damaged and affect your car’s lifespan.
  • Dirty oil will also cause your car’s engine to wear down faster, since it will be working harder and wearing down the parts.
Oil Change - Toronto, ON
Catch Problems Early
Ford Service | Toronto, ON

Your car needs a regular checkup, and its oil change typically acts as such, providing your mechanic with the opportunity to give it a good once-over.

  • A checkup allows your mechanic to catch small issues that might go unnoticed.

  • Over time, small issues that are ignored or that go unnoticed can become bigger, more expensive problems. Early diagnosis means you can potentially save money in the future.

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