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Winter Vehicle Service Tips | Toronto, ON

When it starts getting colder in Toronto, you know it’s time to prepare for icy and snowy roads. You can easily prepare your vehicle with the following winter vehicle service tips.
Winter Vehicle Service Tips | Toronto, ON

Consider winter tires

One of the easiest ways you can ensure that you’re driving safely on winter roads in Toronto is to switch to winter tires. The best time to do this is before the roads get especially dangerous. That way you can adjust to driving on them. Winter tires are made differently than standard all-season tires. They have indents called sipes that collect moisture to allow the flat surface of the tire to grip the road better. Winter tires are also made with a specialized rubber compound that adapts very well to extreme cold to allow for optimal traction. Contact the Service Department at Downtown Lincoln to learn more about installing winter tires on your vehicle.

Check and protect the exterior

Your Lincoln is an investment that you’ll want to maintain for many years. To help protect your vehicle, be sure to regularly take it through the car wash. This will remove all of the dirt, road salt, slush, and snow from the paint and keep it shining for a long time. Don’t forget to opt for an underbody wash, as road salt especially will get stuck under there if it’s not cleaned. Parking in a garage is ideal for year-round exterior care, but if you can’t do so, consider purchasing a car cover or parking under a car port when possible.
You’ll also want to take these steps to prepare your vehicle’s exterior for winter:
  • Check your standard tires — or winter tires if you’ve switched them out — for bulging, uneven tread wear, or damage. All of these issues could prevent your vehicle from properly gripping the road, thus creating a dangerous situation.
  • Replace windshield wiper blades if they are cracked or have tears in them. If the metal pieces are rusted, contact our team to order those parts.
  • Step outside of the vehicle with all of the lights on to check the headlights, bright lights, fog lights, and brake lights. With it getting darker earlier, visibility is incredibly important. If any bulbs are dimming or completely out, have them replaced.

Look under the hood

Checking under the hood of your Lincoln might seem daunting. There are many components and moving parts that work to provide a smooth ride. Our team can check these things for you, but if you want to do some inspecting on your own, consider the following:
  • Belts, filters, and hoses are all working properly and are not damaged.
  • The battery is fully charged and is free from corrosion on the terminals.
  • All fluid levels are topped off (brake, transmission, coolant, oil, windshield wiper).

Protect the interior

Many people only focus on the exterior of a vehicle during winter, but the interior is just as important to protect. Road salt and snow can seriously damage the cabin, so you may want to install all-weather floor mats to keep unwanted grime out. While you’re washing the exterior, don’t forget to wipe down the dashboard and vacuum the seats and floor for any sneaky pieces of salt and dirt.
An interior component to check is the HVAC, or heating and cooling, system. If you’ve been using the air conditioning all summer, the system could need a boost. Run the heat for at least 5 minutes. If warm air doesn’t come out of the vents, contact our team at Downtown Lincoln.
If you have any questions about maintenance on your Lincoln vehicle, feel free to reach out to our service team at Downtown Lincoln in Toronto, Ontario. We’ll be happy to assist you with all of your needs to ensure that you’re enjoying a safe drive this winter!
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