The Lincoln Legacy in Toronto, ON

images of a Lincoln models throughout the years, sliced and positioned to create the effect of looking like one vehicle.

Lincoln Through the Years at Downtown Lincoln

In 1917, the Lincoln Motor Company was established to design automobiles for those seeking an elevated driving experience. To this day, Lincoln continues to produce class-leading luxury vehicles, complete with elegant styling and innovative cabin amenities. Connect with us at Downtown Lincoln and stay up-to-date on the past and future of Lincoln.

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1922: Ford Purchases Lincoln 

Edsel Bryant Ford, President of the Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford’s only son, purchases the Lincoln Motor Company. Known for their style and luxury, Edsel wanted to build on his father’s legacy by aiming to make the best car in the world.

An image of Edsel Ford signing a contract to purchase the Lincoln Motor Company.

1924: Ford Reimagines American Luxury

Under Ford ownership, the Lincoln Model “L” was released. This model debuted Edsel’s vision of luxurious design and stylish coachwork, created using his father’s revolutionary assembly line process.

An image of an original yellow Lincoln Model L.

1924: Lincoln, A Presidential Favourite 

American President Calvin Coolidge chooses Lincoln Model “L” as his presidential vehicle. Lincoln Motor Company would go on to make the official President’s car from 1939 through 1972.

President Eisenhower in the official President's car, the Lincoln Model L.

1938: Continental Inspiration 

Edsel Ford’s time in Europe inspired him to create a vehicle that was “strictly Continental” in its design, spurring innovation in the Lincoln Motor Company.

A rough drawing of the schematics for the original Lincoln Continetal.

1939: The First Lincoln Continental 

In 1939, the Lincoln Continental made its public debut. The vehicle was widely regarded as the most elegant automobile ever made and considered the “most beautiful car in the world” by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

A stylized drawing of the 1939 Lincoln Continental.

1951: Modern Art 

The Lincoln Continental is showcased at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), one of eight vehicles exhibited for excellence as works of art.

An image of the Lincoln Continental at New York City's MoMA.

1976: Contemporary Luxury 

The Lincoln Motor Company partners with contemporary designers from some of the most celebrated luxury fashion brands to create special-edition series vehicles.

A stylized drawing of a Lincoln model in a designer magazine.

1997: All-American Luxury SUV

Lincoln releases the Navigator, the brand’s first full-size luxury SUV. the Lincoln Navigator quickly becomes the #1 selling vehicle in this emerging luxury SUV segment. Read our dedicated landing page about the latest Lincoln Navigator model, here.

A rear three-quarter image of the original 1998 Lincoln Navigator.

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With its storied legacy, Lincoln continues to innovate in the design and technology found in their vehicles. The brand’s reputation for developing class-leading vehicles continues to this day with their modern lineup of luxurious crossovers and SUVs. See these works of art for yourself at Downtown Lincoln by getting in touch with one of our Lincoln Product Specialists and booking a tour of our available models. Contact us at (416) 603-9156 and get started on your Lincoln ownership journey, today!

images of Lincoln models from the company's early years