Lincoln BlueCruise in Toronto, ON

BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving Assistance Technology at Downtown Lincoln

Experience the luxury of semi-autonomous highway driving behind the wheel of a Lincoln vehicle. Lincoln BlueCruise is the brand’s advanced hands-free highway driving assistance feature that works in tandem with the intelligent adaptive cruise control system. Enjoy hands-free highway driving on over 200,000 kilometres of compatible roads in Canada and the United States. Continue reading along to learn more about its functionality, along with our available BlueCruise-equipped Lincoln models at Downtown Lincoln.

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Lincoln BlueCruise Functionality

Lincoln BlueCruise uses a combination of cameras, sensors and preloaded roadway data to allow drivers the ability to take their hands off the steering wheel on certain compatible roadways. The system handles the acceleration, braking and steering, ensuring that your Lincoln remains within its lane. To ensure safety while engaged, BlueCruise uses a driver-facing camera to guarantee that the driver is paying attention to the road ahead while the system is actively providing support.




Blue Zone Driving Indication

A graphic of a blue steering wheel with the text “Hands-Free” appears on the digital gauge cluster when the system is engaged. This Blue Zone driving indication feature means that the driver can confidently remove your hands off the steering wheel while remaining vigilant of the road ahead. Should the system require them to retake control of the vehicle, an audible and visual alert will urge the driver to put their hands back on the steering wheel.




Attentive Driving Technology

To ensure that the driver remains fully aware of the road while Lincoln BlueCruise is engaged, a driver-facing infrared camera continuously tracks their eye gaze and head position. Should the system determine that the driver is no longer paying attention, audible and visual alerts will prompt the driver to resume control of the vehicle.





BlueCruise Compatible Models

Introduced in model year 2023, Lincoln BlueCruise is available on select late model Lincoln crossovers and SUVs. This advanced hands-free highway driving technology is available on the following models:




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