Lincoln Transportation Options


Pickup & Delivery

As there's no greater luxury than your time, Lincoln offers you a seamless vehicle servicing experience. Simply arrange a time and location that suits you best, and we'll deliver a loaner vehicle when we pick up yours.

Lincoln Loaner

As a Lincoln Owner, you gain access to the exclusive privilege of the Lincoln Loaner Program. When you schedule your service with the Lincoln Concierge or Service Director, you'll receive a Lincoln Loaner for your service visit.

Ride Share

Embracing the essence of convenience, numerous valued customers opt for our Lincoln Ride Share service. It offers rides with Uber or Lyft, to and from their destinations when a vehicle isn't necessary for the day.

Lincoln Concierge Service

Shopping for and owning a Lincoln is a remarkable experience unlike any other, and selecting Downtown Lincoln as your source ensures access to exceptional customer service, outstanding support, and a range of beneficial automotive services. For any Lincoln related queries, you can always rely on our Lincoln Concierge Service to provide assistance and support throughout your vehicle search and ownership journey.