Winter Tires at Downtown Lincoln

As a Lincoln owner, your vehicle provides you with luxurious motoring experiences day in and day out. Why not give it the same premium treatment that it deserves with a set of high-quality winter tires that enhance its luxurious road-going abilities during the cold weather months? Read on as our team of automotive specialists here at Downtown Lincoln discuss the importance of installing winter tires on your vehicle

Why Do I Need Winter Tires?

As the mercury drops, the rubber compounds in your Lincoln’s all-season tires lose their soft and malleable properties, thus reducing their effectiveness on snow and ice-covered roads. As a general rule of thumb, once the weather begins to fall below 7 degrees Celsius, it’s in your best interest to install winter tires on your Lincoln model. Here are a few reasons why Canadian drivers swap out their all-seasons for winter tires:
winter road and car

Reduced Stopping Distance

The distinct tread patterns of winter tires feature deep channels and biting edges that have been engineered to enhance your vehicle's braking capabilities on snow and ice. Winter tires substantially reduce stopping distances, providing you valuable time to respond to unexpected driving situations.

Improved Stability & Control

Winter tires are designed to enhance your Lincoln’s handling, responsiveness, and stability, especially when driving in adverse weather conditions. Their unique tread patterns and ability to remain soft and malleable in the cold allow them to maintain optimal levels of grip, even on snowy and icy roads.

An Investment in Safety

The enhanced cold-weather performance of winter tires can help protect you and your passengers from accidents. Additionally, most insurance providers in Ontario acknowledge the contribution of winter tires to vehicle safety by offering discounts for their installation on your vehicle.

Ready to swap out your all-seasons for a solid set of winter tires? Get in touch with our parts and service department at Downtown Lincoln and we’ll help you find the winter tires that best suit your vehicle. Book an appointment, today!