Lincoln Battery Service in Toronto

Is your Lincoln’s battery showing signs that it may be time for a replacement? Are you experiencing engine startup issues or are needing to jumpstart your vehicle more frequently? Continue reading below as our team here at Downtown Lincoln explores why it’s important to periodically inspect the health of your battery, as well as the battery replacement service that we offer at our downtown Toronto service centre.

Importance of Regular Inspections

Regular battery inspections are essential in ensuring the continued performance and reliability of your Lincoln model. Your battery powers a myriad of vehicle components, from the lighting fixtures, to the infotainment system, to engine startup and the power rear liftgate. By having your battery inspected at regular intervals, you can be sure that your vehicle will continue to perform as designed by our Lincoln engineers.

Battery Replacement Signs

1. Engine Struggles to Start
If you notice that your Lincoln’s engine is having a hard time starting, is taking longer than usual to turn over, or if you hear a clicking noise upon start up, these may all be signs that your battery may need to be replaced.

2. Frequent Jumpstarts
Another tell tale sign that your vehicle’s battery is on its way out is if it begins to require being jumpstarted more often. Engine jumpstarts should be a last resort option so if your vehicle frequently requires it, consider having one of our licensed technicians inspect your battery.

Genuine Lincoln Replacement Batteries

When you bring your Lincoln vehicle to Downtown Lincoln for a battery replacement service, you can drive with confidence knowing that we only use genuine Lincoln batteries that are designed specifically for your Lincoln model. Additionally, all parts and services performed at our facility come with a limited installation warranty for added peace of mind.

Battery Replacement Service at Downtown Lincoln

When it comes time for your Lincoln to be fitted with a new battery, visit our state-of-the-art service centre here at Downtown Lincoln and have one of our service technicians test your vehicle’s battery condition. Schedule a battery health check service, today!