Tire Storage in Toronto, ON

People often forego tire changing because of the hassle, but here at Downtown Lincoln we ensure it’s an easy and stress-free process. That includes providing seasonal tire storage, where we’ll store your tires for you, conveniently, without you having to worry about finding a place to store them at your place. Dealership tire storage here at Downtown Lincoln comes with many benefits, like convenience, climate control, safety and more. Read on to learn more about why you should store your tires with us.

The Pros of Storing Your Tires at Downtown Lincoln

Tire Storage at Downtown Lincoln

Convenient Storage

You have enough around your house to begin with, who couldn’t benefit from doing a little spring cleaning, so don’t add in even more lost space by trying to find a place to store your tires. Let us take on that storage by doing so at our dealership. In this case, you’ll always know where they are, trusted with our team, and ready to be installed when the new season rolls around.
Tire Storage at Downtown Lincoln

Temperature-regulated Storage

If you do decide to store your own tires, chances are they won’t be stored in an optimal location and under the right circumstances. Our tire storage ensures that your tires will be stored at the right temperature, making certain that those valuable components maintain their top quality, and won’t be affected by improper storing.
Tire Storage at Downtown Lincoln

Secure Solutions

As mentioned above, we all know that tires aren’t cheap, and you’ll want to make sure that when they are being stored they’re safe and secure from not only weather damage but from risk of theft as well. Our secure storage solutions keep them safe, and without you having to worry about them being stolen from a precious storage location at your own house.

Tire Storage at Downtown Lincoln

Reduce the hassle in your life, and take one more thing off your mind by storing your seasonal tires with us here at Downtown Lincoln. Not only will they be safe and protected, from weather and theft, but remain in a convenient location for installation once ready to be put back on your Lincoln.